The Benefits of Effective Security Lighting Installed on Your Premises

Besides the obvious fact that adequate security lighting has been proven to help deter potential burglars, it can also look nice to have your home lit up outside- even if it just helps your visitors find the pathway to your front door.

Clearing the Shadows

One of the most obvious benefits of security lighting is that it rids your property of dark shadows where intruders or troublemakers can hide. With clear visibility of your property at night you have not only the security of knowing you can see anyone on your property, but it also alerts any potential intruder to the fact that they have no place to hide.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Your security lights can be used to help create a beautiful outdoor living space that is aesthetically pleasing and usable night or day.

Decrease the Critters

If you have small critters frequenting your property, security lighting can be a great deterrent. Motion sensors can scare off these wandering pests and keep your property clear of night time prowlers.

Increased Property Value

Security lighting is just one more feature that will help your property stand out if you ever consider selling. This upfront investment will increase the value of your property.

Neighbourhood Watch

If you live in a community then having security lighting installed ensures that not only can you watch out over your property, but so can your neighbours. They will easily be able to see someone lurking on your grounds and can give you a quick call to alert you of trouble.

Integrated IP Solutions

Benefits of LED Flood Lights

  • Lower energy costs
  • Low to practically no maintenance costs
  • Life expectancy between 8 and 20 years
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved personal and/or operational safety
  • Enhanced security deterrent effect
  • Your early warning alarm detection could be linked to toggle the lights, should you have an intruder on your property
  • Automatically light up your property when entering/ exiting main points of entry.
  • Remotely toggle your lights via your smart device
  • Improved security video images
  • Night-time colour video
  • Enhanced facility appearance
  • Battery backup options

Types of security lighting systems

Dusk to Dawn Security Lighting

It’s based on the idea that a burglar is less likely to rob a house that is brightly lit.

Flood Light Security Lighting

Flood Lights are one of the more common security lighting methods for home and commercial residences as they produce strong light.

Timer Security Lighting

Timed lighting security systems allow you to control when the lights are on, which is both cost-effective and useful. You can also program the light changes in different rooms to give a realistic appearance that someone is home

Motion Sensor Security Lighting

This type of security lighting is only activated when the sensors detect movement.