Integrated IP Solutions is proud to be an Authorised Independent Installer for Verifier Off-site Monitoring.

Your home is your family’s secure haven – and Verifier operators are trained to keep it that way. Verifier is an independent remote off-site CCTV monitoring service which fundamentally focuses on monitoring ‘triggered’ events, such as video analytics rule breaches, License Plate Recognition alerts and alarm activations. Verifier provides an indispensable deterrent early warning detection service.

Why we recommend Verifier off-site monitoring:

  • Verifier is a frontier in the field and has the track record to prove this.

  • Verifier is an independent off-site monitoring service with very close relations with various community structures as well as safety authority bodies.

  • Verifiers specialist service is cost effective.

  • All systems are customized to match your requirements and equal your budget.

Other than arduously watching and processing streaming video footage, Verifier controllers monitor events in real time, with the use of black screen monitoring. Thus, allowing the most methodical use of the controllers time and alleviates the weariness related to watching ongoing streaming video. The present day procedure of connecting a clients on-site CCTV cameras is via the internet, 3G and wireless networking. On the triggered event being received by the Verifier control room, the committed controller reacts and manages the occurrence according to a strict, predetermined protocol to assure ample response time and ensure your safety.