What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging industrial inspection cameras allow you to troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, building and HVAC problems efficiently. Our wide range of handheld infrared thermal inspection cameras is ideal for professionals looking to measure, inspect, analyze and report on critical electrical and mechanical equipment such as DB boards, motors, power lines, transformers, and generators.

Thermal sensors cannot see glare. Glare from the sun blinds conventional video cameras, effectively hiding vehicles, people, and animals.Thermal sensors are immune to headlight glare. Headlights are confusing to video cameras, tricking them into triggering false and missed calls and making accurate observations of traffic at night impossible.Thermal sensors give you a much more reliable detection solution. Video cameras can miss pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and even cars if they’re in the shadows.Thermal gives you a long-range night viewing. At night, a road looks like an indistinct row of lights to a video camera, making meaningful data collection and incident assessment impossible.

Thermal cameras compliment and complete your security camera network by giving you the power to see

Benefits of Thermal imaging

1. Low Light Scenarios

When cameras are monitoring the perimeter of a building, they often must deal with low light scenarios (for example during nighttime hours). This is an area in which thermal imaging cameras can truly shine.

Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

2. Immune to Visual Limitations

Visible cameras, much like our eyes, often have trouble seeing through natural occurring visual obscurants that block reflected light. However, because thermal radiation passes through theses visual barriers, thermal cameras can see whats going on where visible cameras cannot.

Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

3. Camouflage Foliage

Regular cameras that capture only visible light can be fooled, in some cases, by visual camouflage, or in situations where similar colours or patterns blend together. This can make objects or people that need to be detected unobservable.

Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

4.Fewer False Alarms

Thermal imaging reduces the number of false alarms, this accomplished using advanced analytics software that can perform at its highest calibre with the high contrast images and video that thermal imaging provides